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We publish original works - textbooks and reference books - on Eastern and Western science and philosophy.

We intend these books for an international audience and will offer our books in both English and Chinese.

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A new textbook -- "An Introduction to Western Moral Philosophy: Key People and Issues" by Michael J. Langford

Designed for an international readership, this new Introduction to Western Moral Philosophy combines an examination of critical thinking (which characterises Western philosophy) with an account of the key philosophers in the tradition that have helped to shape it. The book is based on Dr Langford's lectures, given in Canada and Cambridge, at first-year university level.

Available for purchase now on Amazon.

The Book Review is out!
Read it in "Philosophy in Review"

A review of Professor Michael Langford's "An Introduction to Western Moral Philosophy" has just been published in the November 2019 issue of Philosophy in Review (PIR).

PIR is an open access, specialist book review journal in philosophy, formerly the Canadian Philosophical Reviews, in publication since 1981.

See review.

In the Classroom
For Lecturers: Request your sample copy

If you would like a sample copy of "An Introduction to Western Moral Philosophy" to trial as a textbook for your class, please submit a request form below. To be considered for a sample copy, you must:

  • Be a member of teaching staff responsible for making core text recommendations for an academic course.

  • Reasonably expect that, should you adopt the book, at least 12 copies of the book will be sold to your students or to your institutional library as a result of your recommendation.

Sample copies are sent at our sole discretion.

Sample Copy Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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