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CTE is working to bring you a series of online courses that will help you to improve your English skills and also bridge the gap between Eastern and Western thinking.

The first of these courses -- "Critical Thinking" -- is coming soon.

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One of the key differences between Eastern and Western education is the cultivation of critical thinking as a fundamental skill. In Asian countries, due to the more hierarchical social structure, students are generally taught through rote learning, whereas in the West, the classroom is a more explorative environment and questioning is encouraged. As a result, critical thinking – the critical analysis of information – is a skill that is often lacking in the academic repertoire of the Chinese student.


To bridge this educational gap, Cambridge Text Education Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of an online course on Critical Thinking, developed by Dr Anabela Pinto, Senior Research Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, coming soon.


Course materials consist of PowerPoint presentations, videos, suggested readings and weekly discussions on Zoom led by Dr Pinto. There are a total of 37 lessons, divided into two parts. Part One is an introduction to arguments and reasoning styles, first looking at the different types of thinking, and then focusing on the argument as an approach to critical thinking. Part Two is an analysis of the argument, examining the various qualities from its form and structure to content and context. The course closes with a lesson on refutation of arguments.

This is an advanced course for PhD students, university professors and business people.

A second course - "Introduction to Critical Thinking" - which is aimed at college students and the general public, will follow soon.


To find out more about our upcoming courses, please contact us at

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