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Unlock the secrets of the English language, culture and philosophy

with the Classics of English Literature and Scientific Writing


Science and Technology
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The second book of our "Chinese Annotated English Scientific Classics" series, The Principles of Scientific Management 《科学管理原理》by Frederick Winslow Taylor (弗雷德里克·温斯洛·泰勒) , is now available for purchase.

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Why are we publishing this series? Who is our intended audience?

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经典的文学作品,不仅是英语这门语言的基础,是英语语料库 (English Corpus) 的一部分,也是今天英国教育体系里阅读和考试的内容。例如《中文注释英语文学经典》首批所选的七本书,都是英国中等教育证书 GCSE考试中所列的书目。对于中国留学生来说,如果能与本地学生一样,精读这些经典,在突破语言关的同时,了解英语与汉语在思维方式上的差异,有助于尽早跨越文化差异这一关。


Why should we read the Classics? Which books can be considered 'must-read' Classics?

Reading a Book





What are the challenges  commonly faced by Chinese students learning English? How are our books designed to help them?

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We bring you the best in English Literature and Scientific Writing - with the original English text in its entirety - uniquely customized for Chinese students at the Intermediate Level. Advanced vocabulary words are defined; complex sentences are translated and explained; background information on historical and cultural references are provided.

Each book is a complete learning tool; you won't need another dictionary or additional study notes.

Take a look at this sample page from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Sign of the Four:

2. 对于词语之间的搭配和一些习惯用法,我们提供辅助分析来降低读者阅读的难度。Explanations of customary usage and idiomatic expressions are provided to enhance the reader's understanding.

3. 我们提供足够的背景知识来帮助读者增进理解的情况。Background information on historical, cultural and literary references are given.

1. 我们挑选出来的复杂的难句,用斜体显示出来,添加了边注来对句子进行解释。

Complex sentences are highlighted in Italics and a Chinese translation is provided. Complex sentences are also deconstructed for your study.

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4. 我们用脚注加上了该生词在句中的惟一意思。

Select vocabulary words are defined in the footnotes.



Read with confidence!

Come and experience the magic of Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen, and other great English writers with our "Chinese Annotated Classics of English Literature" series.


Or if your interest is in Science and Philosophy, the great thinkers who our shaped modern world are waiting to meet with you in our "Chinese Annotated English Scientific Classics" series. 

Pick up a book and start reading today!

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